• Urgent Hiring for Al Haram Engineering & Consulting

    The company is an Al Haram Consulting Engineering Firm that develops structural concepts, preliminary and final and detailed engineering designs. After the development and approval of the Final Engineering Detailed Design, the specifications are developed in a Tender Document that is offered for bidding for construction.

    JOB TITLE: Interior Designer Qualifications: B.S. Architecture, B.S. Architectural Engineering, B.S. Interior Design, or related discipline

    Job Description:
    1. Process the client’s needs and objectives and security needs
    2. Search knowledge of Interior Design
    3. Imagine an initial functional and aesthetic idea and appropriate standards
    4. Developing and delivering a final design proposal media with client’s requirements
    5. Prepare working drawings and specifications for building materials and details of various materials and finishes, furniture and bathroom equipment like constants and in conformity with scientific evidence
    6. Cooperation with professional services and obtain professional licenses in areas of mechanical, electrical, loads and special requirements
    7. Prepare our customer contracts
    8. Review and evaluate the design and during implementation and after completion of the project

    JOB TITLE: Safety Engineer
    Qualifications: B.S. Safety Engineering, Trainings on Safety

    Overview of the job
    In the Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) industry, the Civil Defense Department of Saudi Arabia is outsourcing one of its functions to private Saudi Engineering Firms – Safety Inspection of erected building before they are approved for use by humans. After the construction of a building, the Civil Defence will conduct pre-commissioning activities aimed at inspecting all the aspects of building codes requirements. One of them is the Safety of the building in which humans will use as a dwelling place.

    The Safety inspection of buildings is required by the Civil Defense to be conducted by a Saudi Engineering Firm. The Safety Engineers must be certified by the Civil Defence of Saudi Arabia. Once Approved, these certified Safety Engineer can represent the Civil Defence Department to do the job of inspecting Safety in identified buildings before they are approved to be used for by humans. Tasks:

    1. Has experience in offices and advisory engineering companies work in the field of consulting engineering “Safety Systems.”
    2. Prepare design and adoption of safety systems engineering studies
    3. Oversee the implementation and application of work safety systems engineering projects
    4. Providing consultancy in the field of safety engineering