• H.M.O. Gen. Manager

    Our agency, H.M.O INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RESOURCES, has been engaged in the Manpower Recruitment business since year 2000 and is in the forefront of supplying Filipino Overseas Workers (OFWs) to the different countries in the Middle East, notably Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (K.S.A), United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.), Sultanate of Oman, State of Kuwait, State of Qatar, South Korea,Taiwan, R.O.C., Malaysia, Japan, New Zealand, Australia and United Kingdom.

    Our pride in this business is justified by our pleasant experience with many well satisfied clients/employers. To our prospective foreign sponsors, we are therefore taking the liberty of proposing to become your business link I the Philippines. We stand ready to meet your usual demand for more workers in various categories to fill up your business concern in your sphere of influence. Rest assured that we will spare no effort in meeting your volume requirement as well as to your commitment to high standard of excellence. Your valuable patronage is our singular mission and thus, we shall appreciate the opportunity of working hand in hand with you as business partners for progress. We honestly believe that your firm would be fortunate in obtaining our services which is associated with efficiency and integrity. To this end, we shall endeavor at all times to prove worthy of your trust and confidence.

    H.M.O International Human Resources is a licensed manpower recruitment agency of good standing. The Company was founded by its Proprietor and General Manager Ms. Tessie B. Manatad who has been in manpower recruitment since early 90’s. Through her faith in God and perseverance the company was established and continually grew even in the midst of political and economic crises. It’s now recognized as one of the more reliable players in the industry.


    The overriding themes of H.M.O International Human Resources are change and transformation. Indeed, our Agency had played a major role in changing the lives of many Filipinos, including all stakeholders, partners and office clients since it was granted a license to operate way back 2000.

    Today, in an extremely globalized economy, H.M.O. International Human Resources, contribution to national-being has become more imperative and even more significant. To sustain its growth, our agency intends to re-invent itself into an intensely customer focused organization, delivering high-quality yet affordable services to the greatest number of Filipinos. The concentration on quality and on providing the best possible customer experience will grow in importance as H.M.O International Human Resources provides increasingly sophisticated, efficient and excellent services.


    To be maintained and upload the trust and confidence of the migrating Filipinos wherein H.M.O International Human Resources intends to contribute to the growth and success of our clients and other stakeholders through relentless pursuit of knowledge and understanding of their needs and providing excellent service that will be a source of their delight.


    If you are on your own or as a representative of a foreign principal that is interested in hiring Filipino workers, you will need the service of a government licensed agency to select and process the workers legally.

    The Philippine government closely monitors and strictly regulates the activities of companies engaged in the deployment of workers for jobs in other countries. Every Filipino workers has to go thru a process which will that is duly registered with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, that they have read the rights as worker in other country and that they know where they are going to and what they are getting into. This whole process is administered for the worker by licensed agencies.

    We note that there are different documentary requirements for foreign companies, depending on where this companies are domiciled. Generally, two important documents are required, one is the Special Power of Attorney appointing H.M.O International as the foreign company’s representative in the submission of proof that the foreign company is authorized or has capability to recruit workers from the Philippines.

    The fees of H.M.O International vary depending on the number of workers required, the length of time that workers will be processed and the complexity of the requirements. Generally, H.M.O ask questions about the number of things before we quote our prices.

    H.M.O. International Human Resources is an overseas employment agency with a prove track of record in recruiting various Filipino professional and workers for job placement overseas. We have provided manpower staffing solutions successfully fulfilling job orders in countries like the Middle East. Although our strongest area of competence is in field of healthcare recruitment, we also provide qualified Filipino workers, and skilled workers for other fields of employment. Our recruitment and selection process produce efficient workers in their area of competence and proficient.


    H.M.O makes sure that every problem is solved, every situation anticipated. You’ll talk like experienced and well trained officers and staff who efficiently operate and manage the company and not with ambitious upstarts who will probably be out of the business in a few years.


    H.M.O. is an establish company and has been in the recruitment industry for a long time and has made recruitment business our lifetime career. We know the business and we’re committed to promote the welfare of our fellow Filipinos who rely on the industry.


    H.M.O is run by a simple tenet: excellent service to clients and workers. But most importantly to help in transforming Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) as productive citizens of our country.


    With H.M.O., there aren’t many contacts to sign or form to fill up. We simply have an honest talk, we write short notes, and we shake hands. Knowing and understanding your needs are the foundation that will establish strong and lasting professional relationship.


    H.M.O is in the business of recruitment, nothing else. Other companies, as they get bigger are pulled by the allures of various business ventures and they go beyond the basics. To us, there’s much to be done in recruitment alone and not to be bothered by other business activities.

    • Sourcing of candidates (Database Search, Headhunting, Advertisement, Local and International Searches, Field Sourcing)
    • Pre-screening of candidates, including personal and technical interviews and trade testing if required by the client
    • Background checking and verification of authenticity of candidates’ experiences, credentials and supporting documents
    • Short-listing of candidates, whereby at least 2-3 pre-qualified candidates are being short-listed for every vacant position.
    • Transmittal of CV’s of short-listed candidates to client.
    • Coordinating and managing client selection and final interviews (telephonic interviews, video conferencing interviews or personal interviews in the Philippines by client representatives)
    • Interview preparation, whereby all pre-selected candidates are given comprehensive orientation on the profile of the hiring company and are given free interview preparation seminar and helping them prepared for the final interviews. During the interview preparation interview, we also let our candidates understand the complete process of their application.
    • Finalizing selection with clients, including the terms and conditions of the selected workers’ employment contract.
    • Salary negotiation with all selected workers and job offer coordination.
    • Confirming candidates acceptance of the offer with the client
    • Ensuring the medical fitness of all selected candidates by requiring them to undergo medical testing with duly accredited medical clinics and testing centers.
    • Collation, collection and quality control of documents from selected candidates.
    • Processing of the client’s accreditation with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) and the registration of the clients Job Orders. For a list if documents and the procedures involved, pleas click CLIENT DOCUMENTATION.
    • Submission of the required documents for client to commence visa or entry permit application Processing of the selected workers’ POEA exit clearances with the POEA and visa stamping, as may needed.
    • Flight booking and confirmation.
    • Worker Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) and final departure orientation
    • Constant coordination and consultation with the client to ensure efficient completion of the project within the agreed time frame.
    • Regular status updates to clients from recruitment to deployment of workers.
    • Each recruitment campaign is being handled distinctively, supported by industry research on the local and industry sources for candidates, enabling our recruiters to identify candidates who have the same, related or similar experience in the industry where the client is specializing.
    • We monitor the status of our workers even when they are already working for our clients.
    • H.M.O. IHR is accredited with major foreign embassies (Saudi Embassy, Qatar, Kuwait, etc.)
    • H.M.O. IHR maintains a potent pool of candidates through its computerized database where prospective candidates from international sources or Filipino workers who are currently working overseas can submit their applications through our web-site.
    • NO FACILITATION FEE TO CANDIDATES. Our selection of qualified candidates is based on the actual skills, qualifications and experience of the candidates, not on their ability to pay PLACEMENT OR FACILITATION FEE.
    • Through our partnerships with international recruitment partners worldwide, we have access to any type of worker in any field of specialization in major sources of Expatriate workers.
    • We are managed and staffed by experienced recruitment professionals whose combined recruitment experience span more than 20 years.